Guillaume Dimanche
né en 1970
tél : +974 66 895 405
vit et travaille à Doha



comprehensive approach
The work of Guillaume Dimanche initiates a possible way an art post-Kyoto. An art in which the actions and tools produced are thought to have a minimal impact on the sphere of life. An art which, without detaching its value sensitive tip dysfunctions of a globalized system of breath, arrived at an end. But Guillaume Dimanche, he runs the length. The coast of the North Sea. The rural roads that wind through our European landscapes planted fields, hedges, nuclear power stations, car parks, industrial areas. And perhaps wind, too.
Émeuline Eudes, aesthetic doctor.

the image is light
The image comes out of black, light comes from darkness. Dark matter, cosmological matter constitutes universal material, as water is the main subject of the constitution of living beings, plants or animals. Dark matter is most fragile in the macro, microscopic, in the expansive universe. The light makes the invisible visible in the shadow, the dark, the deep black. In the excess of light, the white blinds. The eclipse reveals the invisible elements of the solar life. From the dark, the light emerges to images, like the continents emerge from the black and deep water, the dark and polluted oceans.
The night is that overwhelms the universe,
Earth is the exception, the colored dot in space.