GUILLAUME DIMANCHE - visual artist

Dagao Art District - Chengde - China
September 26 - December 31 2019

Dagao Art District

Dagao Art District

InterCange 03 - 2019
425 x 340 cm

Sticker Vinyl

Dagao Art District

The Wait
290 x 340 cm
Sticker Vinyl

Dagao Art District

Round Towers
254 x 340 cm
Sticker Vinyl

Dagao Art District

Sky Chicken
170 x 290 cm
Sticker Vinyl

Dagao Art District

A New Friend
400 x 320 cm
Sticker Vinyl

Dagao Art District

Our Flag - Notre Drapeau
340 x 120 x 90 cm
Installation Mixed Media

Dagao Art District

Le Vélo D'Or
170 x 100 x 50 cm
Vélo - Peinture Acrylique - Bois

1)A Girl Muse

In the big contemporary cities, full of communication and movement, a young woman is dreaming.

Her dreams are made of powerful structures, fast shiftings. Herself, by nature, she is calm. By habit and necessity, she mostly stay still, even when she uses any kind of transportation, real or virtual. When she takes a car, a metro or a bus to go to her work or out in the city by day or night, she seats. And she stays thereby everyday for many hours. Sometimes she is able to move to a dream place, join a dream friend, then she is getting in motion. Her body and her heart move. Often she finds her dreams with her fingers, eyes opened, with the screen in her hand.

Up in the buildings, she found a place, but it does not fit her. The place is good. She knows a few ones around here. At any floor she could get some good relation with any of the others ones there. But not a dream one. One can also say that some level are full of gossip and tension. There are some spots you better not even pass by those places.

All those building are moved by the energy transmitted by the ones that designed then erected it. In my constructed photographs, what you may discern is given by all the ones living, working or just passing by there.

Consider concrete interchanges as the nodes of society life. There, you won't get to meet anyone. They were constructed to ease the fluids of the human realm. They are an example, a demonstration of how the community, the society around the young woman, wants her to be: strong, fast and invincible. But she needs beauty, gentleness and poetry in her models. Her dreams are giving it to her.

Are dreams enough ?
A young woman is dreaming.

2)Our Flag

“Our Flag” is an assemblage of unused materials, boxes and plastic bags. It symbolise the reverse direction our consumption and, more generally, the way our easy and confortable life is conducting us. The reversed flag, made out of our trash, says we are “walking on the head”. The devotion we vowe to all kind of material goods, is leading our societies in a place where natural life is decreassing. The harsh part of the humanity is putting under a total control every possible square meter of land, every living species, for the production of goods. Everything we touch, is not changed in gold as the mythological king did, but, in a similar way, in profit, in gains, in consumer goods. Soon everything we generate turns to be an unusable trash. Every morning we wake up under the colors of a light plastic flag.

3)Le Vélo d'Or (The Golden Bike)

A recovered material, abandoned, a waste of consumption. The bicycle was the replaceant of the horse or the donkey. Cheap, simple, easy to produce, anybody can drive one. It is a vehicule that is largely sufficient for everyday life. But our industrial patrons wanted us to get more. Precisely, they want to get more of you, of us. And the lovely vehicule is now abandoned, considered as a competitive sport material. Our patron also like very much competiton in sport. It relax them from the competiton of their work days, work weeks, work life. They are in need to get the golden medal, being the champion.

But the golden medal is now a rubbish. You can find it in an abandonned house. It was not so old. It could have ride again 10, 20 years, or more.

Using waste is a real act of ecology in the art. My sculptures and installations are using more than 90 percent of reclycled materials. They are usually assembled and shown with a crearly motive of humor or irony. And they are harsh too. It is a deep critcism of our current time.
The installations are made with some local products waste or existing materials. They are an assemblage of a few ones in order to depict a new object, wich can been seen sometimes as a sort of abstract sculpture. To complete the work, every tilte of each piece gives a clear understanding of the meaning and of the intention.



Guillaume Dimanche - September 2019

All Photographs © Guillaume DIMANCHE